Twistin' Wind

You’re runnin’ wild with a ragged faith
at the wrong time and in the wrong place
it’s a cryin’ shame—look at the state you’re in
way gone in a twistin’ wind.

You took a wrong turn, seems you just can’t wait
to get a black spot, and that’s hard fate
oh, lord, you’ve been star-crossed
you went way out west, and now you’re lost
you don’t know where you’re goin’
because you don’t know where you’ve been
and that’s way gone in a twistin’ wind . . .

You’re just too much with your big fuss
gettin’ tangled up in that old devil’s dust
and at the crack of doom with shell shock
you need one last throw, you need one more shot.
You’d better watch your step; you’re gonna overshoot
you’re gonna break down—you’re gonna burn your fuse
it’s sad, it’s true, it’s sink or swim . . .
and now you’re way gone in a twistin’ wind . . .

Down on your knees at the mercy of these dreams
nothin’ is real here—that’s the way it’s always been.
Hey, hey, hey—you never heave on that rope.
You never get one step up—you never had too much hope.
They oughta close you down—they oughta pawn you off.
You’re a thing of the past—like a patriot.
You really should finish before you ever begin -
because you’re way gone in a twistin’ wind . . .