Latest Dave Sharp solo album

Spirit Days Album Cover

Spirit Days

Date Released - 1 February 2019

Musicians: Dave Sharp, Mark Dennis, Andrea Ferguson and Maurice Mulligan

Label: Little London Records. All rights reserved

Album Information

Dave's long awaited studio album

Featuring Dave Sharp

Rock Off Fibro Album Cover

Rock Off Fibro vol 1

Date Released - 6 August 2018

Featuring: Dave Sharp, Theatre of Hate/ Spear of Destiny, Evil Blizzard and more

Album Information

36 bands, 1 great cause.

2cds of awesomness featuring Theatre of Hate/ Spear of Destiny, Ferocious Dog, The Main Grains, The Idol Dead, Dave Sharp and Evil Blizzard to name but a few. Also includes the Rock Off Fybro song.

Raising awareness and funds for people with Fibromyalgia

Dave Sharp Solo Albums

Live at the Vic Album Cover

Dave Sharp live at the Vic

Date Released - 3 February 2017

Musician: Dave Sharp

Label: Little London Records. All rights reserved

Album Information

On a cold Sunday evening in November, 3 days before the US presidential elections, Dave Sharp gave a totally unrehearsed and spontaneous solo acoustic performance for an intimate crowd at the Victoria Inn, one of Colchester's premier live music venues.

There was indeed something in the air that night, a kind of apprehension, a kind of uncertainty.

It's all captured here, live in detail, between the notes and between the lines on this 11 track disc...

Hard Travellin Album Cover

Hard Travellin'

Date Released - 27 August 1991

Producer: Bob Johnston

Musicians: Dave Sharp, The Barnstormers

Label: Capitol Records LLC. All rights reserved

Album Information

Recorded at a time of change with a bunch of skilled musicians for a backing band. This is a defining piece of work which captures a songwriter enthused by challenges ahead and moving apace in a new direction.

"It seemed logical at that time to record my first solo album", says Dave. "Bob Johnston, whom I was working with at the time, suggested The Barnstormers and I meet up at the Hit Factory in New York City to record.

"By the end of one studio session, we pretty much had an album together. We completed it in Nashville later.

We called it 'Hard Travellin' for good reason".

Downtown America

Album Released - 4 June 1994

Produced by Bob Johnston

Guest Musicians Include: Larry Crane & Dave Grissholm (John Melencamp Band)

Label: BMG Dinosaur Entertainment Ltd (US only release). All rights reserved

Album Information

The second solo album from Dave Sharp was a coming of age for the boy from Salford. A US-only release, the album not only reached an appreciative audience in the States but also brought him to the attention of a number of his musical heroes.

Sharp illuminates: "When we recorded Downtown America we got involved with the Second Harvest charity organisation.

"Bob Johnston thought we could help out by recording a song for them.

"We chose a traditional American worker's protest number called Give Me Back My Job. Bob played it to some of his 'friends' then called me back a few weeks later saying that Willie (Nelson) and Johnny (Cash) wanted to sing on it.

"So I got a chance to meet some of the people I revere extremely highly. Some of the most talented people that have put their lives into Rock 'n' Roll. And who have done an immense amount to further the art."