The Rebel

Which side are you on, boys?
Are you in or are you out?
What’s the plan? where’s the action?
Is anybody keepin’ count?
Are you makin’ any distance
through theh fogged avenue
ove the miles of desolation
beneath your old leather shoes?
Backed up against a mountain
stacked as high as old deceit
take one good look around you ...

Can you still say that old rocky road to hell town
is a million miles from where you’ll ever be?
Can you still say in the bright lights of the city
as saturday rolls ‘round the rails
as you drink another whiskey
there is no way in this world for you to fail?


You’re like a rebel now
feel like it’s all you’ve ever been
you’re like a rebel now
and for the sake of sweet freedom
i only hope you win ...

And so released upon the nation
with a baseball hat and shades
like so many more before you
no, sir, you’r not afraid.
Now as rivers roll against you
as troubled waters rise
and one by one all dreams desert you
maybe it’s time to realize
for too long you have been sinkin’
deep in a pit of shiftin sand
it’s got a hold tight around your throat

And you know that’s when it gets to be like murder
bustin’ your back against the land
born with a debt that’s held in service
somewhere deep inside the mines
old mother jones a-singin’
it’s more than enough to bury any man alive.


Middle Eight

Sweetest oliana, everybody knows
she’s a land that fair and bright
all the roads are made of treacle there
there’s no such thing as yours or mine
are you in or out, for wrong or right?