Road To Mexico

Crazy days in new york on avenue a
somewhere through the streetlights
you could hear the music play.
Everybody’s swingin’ now—they got a change of pace.
Candy carona down in the marketplace.
Gang men along the bridge
twisted from the start,
say “hold on—you’re way off course -
now you’ve gone too far.
Remember what you started -
ain’t it time for you to blow -
back to workin’ for the dollar
on the road to Mexico."

Somewhere on paradise street
with a wing and a prayer
it was hard movin’ up -
harder comin’ down there.
Roads in all directions
division by degree
that’s the way the deals go down
here on paradise street.
Now, some amongst ‘em
know just who they are
all gold along the road
you couldn’t ask for more.
But the deaf and the blind and the speechless -
you’ve got to learn to rock and roll
if you’re lookin’ for a better deal
on the road . . .