Mean Hand

Come alive now you good folks and fine
and follow down this song
and hear of time turn freedom bells
through dungeons dark and strong
so sweet blossoms bloomed so fair
are faded soon and gone
and beacon fires once burnin' bright
grow colder one by one
seasons are for changin' tho'
all order be disturbed
just so as there is a mean mean hand
gotta hold on this whole wide world

Jigsaw ways of walls and wire
feed fear now far and wide
from north and south the darkest mass
of men are bound to rise
they'll heave upon the draglines of
all weak and withrin' minds
whose work is all for none but they
whose aim is for to divide
now turn and turn and
turn again and let it all be heard
just so as there is a mean mean tongue
talkin’ down this whole wide world

You murderers of nations now
bring number to your ways
your grip will not be held too long
as time winds down the day
all this life's a circle and
the wheel's turned again
your wrecker's light is dimming fast
it shines its hollow haze
silver singin' waters
are now rivers risin’ stirred
just so as there is a mean mean heart
beatin down this whole wide world