Last Smilin' Villain

I've never seen him before, as he run up the flag.
He had police protection, he had an armoured tank
was a confrontation, shape of things to come.
You can hear the warning, coming on the big drum
He had a ghost white face, he came from out of town.
He had the stare of an eagle, on the praying ground.
He said things got to change here, we've got to look ahead
we've got to rebuild this thing, everybody's gonna lose their head

Here comes the last
smilin' villain from the south.
He'll bust you up, then he'll shake you down
you won't know him then so you ought to know him now.
Here comes the last
smilin' villain from the south.

He said we need a refuge, we've got to dig a hole
we're takin' on a monster, gonna swallow us whole.
We need a little respect here, maybe we'll shimmy around
we need a resurrection here, everybody living underground.
Well he need a reaction, you're going to be the bait
you won't even remember, in what part of the state.
Strange kind of religion, you've got to have some more
and when you get an answer back, you finally better be sure.


He's a man of god and, he'll lead you blind
walks with a cross, leave a trail of fire behind.
Swears by the heaven says, if you don't mind
lend me your hand, and don't ask me for mine

When you're down on your knees, he's gonna help you up
when you're dying of thirst, he's got a golden cup.
He's the giver of good, he's the fairest in the land
he gives you what’s already yours, he's got a hoodoo in his hand.
you've seen him down in the alley, you've seen him on tv
you've seen him selling candy, on the corner of the street.
He's everywhere you look, you don't know his name
you can hear him comin for miles, he's draggin a long heavy chain.